Ok… last post for the trip. In a way I’m kind of glad because, unlike Cameron, I’m actually anxious to get back to real life and resume working on some things I’m excited about and love working on :-O

We did two things in Fiji – the first day and a half we spent hiking at a national park and the next five and a half days we spent cruising around the western Fiji islands on a Catamaran. Minus our thrashed feet, the hiking was actually pretty cool. We stayed at a lodge (more like a cabin but…) near a native village. A guy from the village took us on a hike up to the second highest point in Fiji, which we were told was 750M (2500 ft.) above sea level. It was a pretty tough hike actually – insanely steep in few places. The view was worth it though as you can see in the photos. When we got back, we had a good swim/bath in a swimming hole in the local river and a family from the village made us a nice dinner. Only negative was that both of us did the hike in sandals and my feet have only just recovered over a week later.

So if you’re thinking that the catamaran gig sounds like just lounging around on a boat on crystal blue waters, eating catered food and exploring pristine deserted islands… you’re pretty much right on. It was a nice way to end the trip. The captain/owner of the boat is a swiss guy named Valentino who uses the business the pay for a pretty nice lifestyle. The boat is an older one, so the charter was a lot cheaper than you might imagine. From Nadi, we went to the west side of the Yasawa chain, north to near the top of the chain, and then back.

Most days were pretty much the same – break anchorage and read/relax for a few hours then anchor at a new place and snorkel/scuba/explore the area. The weather was almost perfect for the duration of our trip despite being about a month into the cyclone season. Valentino’s cooking was pretty incredible and he didn’t try to overfeed us. We went fishing one night and I caught a medium-sized trevally which he made a beautiful meal out of. The snorkeling/scuba was pretty nice in most places. We didn’t see anything super exciting but we saw some bigger fish and Cameron saw a turtle. Having been newly enlightened on freediving from our time in Dahab, we did some practicing from the boat. Cameron got down to 20M or maybe a little more. I couldn’t clear my ears below about 15m which was probably the result of mild cold. One of the islands we explored for a while was apparently used for a 2007 season of Survivor, although it might have been a non-US version of it.

So… that’s about it. Trip’s over. Just like the trip to the Arctic Ocean that I did a few years ago, I’m really glad I went. When I’m working I tend to be intense and not take much vacation, but I increasingly think it’s important to take a truly mind/life-clearing vacation every now and then. So.. thanks for following us around – hope at least some of it was interesting. I’ve got a project I’m really interested in that I’m going to put my heart into for the next several months, but I’d still like to keep this blog active I think, so check back every now and then if you want.

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