I’m slow on getting a post up on the rest of our stay in Egypt (we’re actually halfway through our stay in Thailand now). It’s a fair amount of work to sort through and process all the photos for our stays and I’m being lazy. In the meantime however, here’s some random thoughts that have accumulated during our trip:

  • It’s truly amazing how much of the world wears flip flops of some kind or another. They’ve been the dominant form of footwear everywhere we’ve been including our guides in the Amazon and Congo.
  • If you’re going on a long trip, pack light – you really don’t need most of the stuff you think you do and you’ll be carrying all that stuff more than you think you will. Then fight to carry everything onto the plane. Statistically, it’s worth it.
  • Sleep rocks.
  • I hate that moment when you realize you left something important/expensive at the last place you stayed and it’s effectively irretrievable now.
  • My experience on this trip has been that most taxi drivers will screw you if they think they can get away with it.
  • Neither of us was sure it was worth it to bring a laptop with us. Now we find that we have it on anywhere we can get either power or a wireless connection.
  • I think Coca Cola is available more places than potable water is (seriously).
  • I’m glad that my native language happens to be the most common second language on the planet.
  • We’ve discovered that a good rule of thumb is that stuff you buy at tourist-centric places is roughly 2-3x the street price in non-tourist areas in most countries. This is true especially for food and drink. There are occasional pleasant exceptions like the 30-cent smoothies around Bangkok.
  • There’s no question that the war in Iraq has damaged America’s reputation over the last five years – I’ve seen it on T-shirts and TV during our travel. But our experience has been that most of the world still dreams of coming to America, and with good reason as I’ll detail in a future post.
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  1. Anne says:

    We loved Thailand when we visited 10 years ago! Food, temples, people (oh, in our case, beaches, natures preserves etc.) We picked Thailand as our “big trip” before having children – just in case we never traveled again!
    The US goes through cycles of damaged reputation every few years, it seems. I spent a year in Germany during the 80s making excuses for what was perceived to be our hypocritical/non-people oriented government. (Friends became more tolerant of the US when I introduce them to an American who would actually cheer for Germany in the World Cup championship, who made hamburgers out of filet mignon – yum etc. etc.) I guess the good news is that traveling through all those diverse locations helps you to find common ground that might not have been obvious – from the sublime to the ridiculous (i.e. sandals – oh, and making these glorious inventions ‘de rigor’ instead of stuffy business clothes/shoes would make life significantly less stressful). And, when we travel the world graciously, people see a more positive side of the US, which is often hidden. Did you realize you were ambassadors, not just tourists?

  2. Kathy says:

    Adam. Becka and I were going to take a trip in November to Thailand, but Adam’s new job cost us our deposit and perhaps the travel opportunity for a long time, so I will be interested to see how you would rate you experience in Thailand compared to other places you have traveled in the world.

    Regarding taxi drivers, it’s just as bad in the USA. In Washington DC, a taxi driver can literally drive you around in circles and unless you know the city very well, you can be taken — well, for a ride. And in Mexico, you have to dicker with the drivers the same way you do with goods you purchase, but the driving style of Mexican drivers will turn your stomach inside out and frost your hair with terror. And that’s with a tip!

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and photos. Guess you’ll be home fairly soon.

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